Obesity in Chile – one of the fattest nations on earth

Obesity in Chile - one of the fattest nations on earth

Have you ever seen a Cola bottle of 3 liters? And even better, a special offer of 3 bottles containing Cola, Fanta and Sprite each 3 liters? Welcome to Chile. Walking around in Chile you can’t get around the fact that a lot of people and even children are really overweight.  Obesity in Chile – one of the fattest nations on earth.

Let me tell you more.

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Getting around in Santiago Chile

Getting around in Santiago Chile
Santiago de Chile

So what is the best way of getting around in Santiago Chile? It’s the capital of Chile and with about 7 million habitants, 4 million vehicles and around 640 km2 it’s one of the biggest populated cities in the Americas.

Well, it all depends if you are alone or with a stroller 🙂 No matter what, you should try to ravoid rush hours (before 8-10 am and between 5-7 pm).

Here are my personal recommendations and experiences.

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Giving natural birth and how to avoid C-section in Chile

I am happily 22 weeks pregnant. Which is great after the three initial months of 24×7 throughing up. I am also very grateful that we are not any longer travelling. So I can have my regular check-ups with one doctor at one hospital in one common language. Slowly, I am also getting prepared for the birth in mid March of next year. I do wish for a natural birth after my unplanned C-section of my first daughter Matilda. Not so easy apprently in Chile. Learn more about giving natural birth and how to avoid C-section in Chile.

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No poo, no thanks. How failure resulted in pure bliss.

I am sure you all have heard about no poo. There are plenty of blogs, detailed, DIY instructions, discussions, etc. which you can find online. Actually, there are almost 3 Mio results if you search no poo in google. No joke, it’s a whole science. So starting our new life and our world trip “la grande aventure”, we decided that this was the right moment to try it out. No poo, no thanks. Discover how our failure resulted in pure bliss.

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First art exposition in Santiago, Chile

Yesterday, 15th October 2017 was a big day for Christian as he had his first art exposition in Santiago, Chile.

Before leaving Switzerland in December 2016 and January 2017, he had his first two expositions in independent art galaries in Zurich, Switzerland. Therefore, we are really proud that Christian was now accepted to expose in Santiago.

Let me tell you more about the Christian’s art journey until reaching his first art exposition in Santiago, Chile. And of course, what are his future art projects.

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Getting established in Chile

We are back in Santiago for six weeks already. And slowly our family is getting established in Chile.

We are in deed very happy that Christian is again with us. Especially Matilda is enjoying her time with her dad. She was missing him a lot and I had to tell her that he was working on the airplane. Like that she was able to understand and she constantly repeated it in sign language which we taught her.

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Beijing first days

The North Capital

After 5 hours of train we arrived to Beijing. Allthought I have been here already 3 years ago, it still amaze me.
Beijing is a jungle, they don’t have the green streets of Hanzhou or the elegance and glamour of Shanghai, but this city is worth a visit.

The first evening we meet my friend Fang in the frantic neighborhood of Gulou, we went to a Restaurant from the Nani Ethnic, so you don’t get the local chinese cuisine, but something more traditional. The rice wine is by the way delicious.

After the dinner we went again to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling well. They gave me stronger medicine but I still haven’t recovered. Is the worst flu I had. Nevertheless I try to enjoy every moment in this country. I decided when I come back home I’ll continue with my Chinese, because I’m definetely coming back.

The next day we made some changes in the trip, because it was too exhausting for my Chilean friends. We decided they’ll continue without me and I’ll come back to Hangzhou to my friend place to rest. In the afternoon we went to Tiananmen Square, which was beautiful, the weather is just amazing these days and the sky was clear and blue (very rare in Beijing).

After Tiananmen we went to another of my favorites restaurants in the Beijing Hutongs, the speciality is the Peking Duck. It was again delicious. I’m happy I can show my friends these diferentes places.


Today 18th of September is the Chilean national day, And for us Chileans is the most important date of the year, more than your birthday, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. So here I am, at the very opposite of the globe thinking about my family and my friends whom might be celebrating like it should. Now I’m preparing to take the train again.

Next stop Hangzhou again.